We’re delighted to be working with Croydon Council as their ICT resourcing partner. In this article, Croydon’s ICT boss talks about the importance of having the right culture and people in place.

(Below is an excerpt from the interview; you can access the full article here)

Croydon Council is in the midst of a massive shake-up, having decided to completely change the way it delivers IT. There is a perception out there, rightly or wrongly, that councils generally have a chronic phobia of doing things differently than they have for the past 20 years. That perception may be true in some cases, but it does not apply to Croydon, something its CIO, Matthew Wallbridge, is keen to prove.

Croydon is already leading the way when it comes to IT. According to Wallbridge, it was the first public sector organisation to implement the Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 365 bundle across its entire estate, and it has already won over local residents with a popular online digital account where people can pay their council tax and access their benefits claims, among other things.

Croydon is also looking to ensure it has the right culture and people in place to deliver on its vision. “We don’t want to simply be a council doing IT, we want to be at the cutting edge of technology and think of ourselves as a great ICT team, regardless of sector,” says Wallbridge.

“Being great is entirely reliant on the people we have. We need to recruit the right people,” he adds. Croydon has partnered with the resourcing hub to find the right talent, and is now “experimenting with recruitment”, he says.

“We don’t do the standard application process,” says Wallbridge. Instead, the council asks applicants to do things a bit differently, such as submitting a video of themselves, and having a two-way conversation instead of a standard set of interview questions.

“I want to talk to people about why they want to come and work for Croydon,” he says, adding that the council has a number of exciting projects going on.

Wallbridge is particularly keen to recruit women, local people, ethnic minority groups and those who would not necessarily go after a job in IT.

Croydon is a diverse and happening borough, and the council’s staff need to be able to reflect that to ensure the services they build are fit for its residents, he says.

For the latest ICT careers opportunities at Croydon Council, please check out our micro site.