I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to attend one of the Big Youth Group’s breakfast sessions this week.

This series of breakfast sessions, hosted by the Big Youth Group’s brilliant CEO Jack Parsons, was created to bring together a group of diverse people, including students as well as senior private and public sector representatives. Yesterday a very special guest was in attendance, Amanda Nicolle, Director of Industry Partnerships at Ministry of Social Development (MSD) at the New Zealand Government. 

The group debated how we, as a community, can improve the odds for young people in the UK. 

Many great things are being done for young people at the moment, but often in silo. We know that if we can bring together programmes, business and young people, then a lot more could be done.

The session was held as an open conversation where all the guests shared their insight, experience, and ideas as to what we could collectively do to make a real impact for young people in the UK.

We can’t wait to get involved!