The technical requirements in aviation are getting more complex and experts argue that digitisation is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry. Many air transport employers are therefore crying out for skilled technical personnel to drive high-profile digital transformation programmes.


However, whilst the sector has an urgent need to recruit, expectations are higher than ever. In my latest article in Flight Global’s Airline Business magazine (that you can access here) I outline the following top 5 ‘red hot’ IT skills that can secure tech professionals the top positions:


1. Architecture

Candidates with technical and application architecture experience are incredibly sought after. Architects have a pivotal role to play in aviation operators’ efforts to achieve digital transformation.


2. Mobile

Mobile phone technology has gone through an unprecedented growth during the past 10 years and universal adoption of mobile devices means that every aspect of the customer journey has changed.


3. Big Data

The collation and application of Big Data, encompassing customer, product and operational information, has become a strategic priority. Aviation business leaders aim to improve their data management infrastructure and are looking for qualified analysts to ensure they have access to accurate and meaningful data.


4. Artificial Intelligence

Expertise in Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly important. Until relatively recently AI in aviation focused on controlling the aircraft, however today a growing number of airlines are also investing in ‘communication bots’ for customer service and sales.


5. Security

Airport and cyber security remain high on the international aviation agenda as attacks sadly are common both in the physical and virtual world.  Operators require IT professionals with a wide range of security skills incl. solutions for border security, airports or baggage/ cargo management as well as cyber security expertise.


IT professionals with the above skills have excellent career prospects in today’s aviation industry. Digital transformation is happening right now and aviation business leaders know that they must sharpen up not only their digital platforms, but also their data management infrastructure to guarantee competitiveness and long-term survival. Hiring managers need to find ways of attracting top-notch IT professionals to deliver their digital transformation programmes successfully and ahead of the competition.


Only the very best talent will develop the very best tech.