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Is it time to ditch the CV..?

Does anyone still remember printing out paper CVs and posting to potential employers..? If you do, it was probably quite some time ago and since then things have moved on a great deal in the recruitment industry. Most CVs are now shared electronically, but in a...

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Who will disrupt the aviation market in 2018?

I regularly write in Flight Global’s Airline Business magazine and was thrilled to contribute with a piece on positive aviation market disruption this month. You can access the full article here or on Flight Global’s website. In the 90’s the first low cost carriers...

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What are the ‘red hot’ IT skills in Aviation?

The technical requirements in aviation are getting more complex and experts argue that digitisation is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry. Many air transport employers are therefore crying out for skilled technical personnel to drive high-profile...

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How do we combat the lack of diversity in tech?

As a business, we’re passionate and tireless advocates of workplace diversity and this week I was lucky enough to attend Computer Weekly’s Delivering Diversity and Inclusion in Tech 2017 conference in London. I can honestly say that this conference was one of the most...

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Is aviation tech a boys’ club?

As a technology resourcing business, we are passionate advocates of workplace diversity and inclusion. We strive to work with our clients to inspire and encourage more women to consider STEM careers and enable them to become technology leaders. In the current...

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