Diversity & Inclusion


We are committed advocates for diversity and very proud Tech Talent Charter UK signatories.



We empower our clients to hire differently, to be ambitious and to include everyone.

Only then can we secure new exciting talent, achieve real diversity and help build

inclusive workplaces and agile solutions for the next generation.


We ensure that our clients have a strong positive image in the talent market.

We help clients promote their brand as a diverse and inclusive employer where candidates who might not fit the traditional industry stereotype will feel welcome and valued.


The resourcing hub helps clients build sustainable People Power for the future.

We embrace their vision and together we build and nurture amazing teams that will continuously challenge, iterate and improve their organisations.


What does an inclusive and agile recruitment campaign look like?

We create a bespoke solution for each client, but a campaign could entail:

  • Interactive, bespoke careers sites

  • Video job specs, bios and interviews

  • Voice job specs and company profiles

  • Candidate driven communication

  • Community outreach events



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To find out more, please contact our director of sales & business development Byron Calmonson: 


+44 (0)7946514587

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