Smart Recruitment as a Service

We need to think differently, be ambitious and include everyone.

Only then can we secure new exciting talent and achieve real diversity.

Why you need SRaaS

The UK talent pool must grow at pace to keep up with the demands of our thriving tech industry.

Despite this urgent demand for talent, most clients and agents still work with archaic, non-inclusive recruitment processes and policies. This inflexible approach often excludes a significant proportion of the tech talent pool. Candidates that do not fit the stereotype due to gender, disability, age, ethnicity or social group will often not be considered or perhaps not even apply for a role.

What SRaaS is all about

We created SRaaS™ to help companies source great people with fresh ideas and thinking.

We encourage hiring managers to think much wider about talent and resourcing strategies to help attract a high-quality diverse candidate pool.

Our sourcing team acts as custodians of your brand and will tell your story in the market to promote your business an inclusive employer.

How we use SRaaS

Every new hiring campaign is an opportunity to bespoke the process and make it Smart.

We assist organisations with setting a vision for the business and then implementing measurements for your inclusion and diversity targets.

We build unique, agile recruitment campaigns and career development processes to ensure your diverse workforce thrives.

During the sourcing phase we may use traditional methods such as CV screening and telephone interviews, but we will also explore other agile solutions, including:


  • Interactive micro careers sites

  • Video job specs, bios and interviews

  • Voice job specs and company profiles

  • Chatbot or Gaming interviews

  • Candidate driven communication

  • Community outreach events

Get in touch

To find out more about Smart Recruitment, please contact our director of sales & business development Byron Calmonson:

+44 (0)7946514587

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